Netizen’s “hulicam” video catches on film TV network’s focus on “trash” shots after INC Worldwide Walk


(Eagle News) — A video taken by a netizen that showed a cameraman of a television network focused on intently taking shots of a garbage pile in Manila shortly after the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty on Sunday, May 6, is now going the rounds of social media.

The “hulicam” video caught the attention of netizens as it caught on film the manner by which the network’s camera crew ignored the clean-up being done around him, and was just focused on getting shots of the trash.

In the netizen’s video, street sweepers can be seen cleaning the area at his front, side and back. The clean-up teams can even be seen carrying trash into designated carts and trash bags.

But amid this activity, a popular TV network’s cameraman was shown bent on focusing his camera on a pile of trash at the side of a road.

“Simula na po yung paglilinis ng mga organizer sa event after po ng Worldwide Walk ng Iglesia Ni Cristo ngunit itong dalawang cameraman ay kanina pa po ang kanilang kinukunan lamang ay yung mga basurang naiwan,” said the netizen who posted his “hulicam” video of the 2 cameramen.

“Kasama po sa organizer ay ang paglilinis ng venue after the event. Tingnan mo si kuya, titig na titig siya sa basura para lamang makahanap ng paninira. Abangan po ninyo ang ibabalita lamang po ng mga yan ay yung basura,” he said.

There was indeed a report later from the said TV network that showed the same pile of trash taken by the two cameramen caught on the netizen’s video.

A comparison of shots done by a netizen, showing the video that appeared on the TV network’s news report, and the video of another netizen that caught on cam the network’s TV crew while getting this shot. (Contributed photo)


The same video posted on Youtube by the network was, however, later removed from their site. Clicking on the link would lead you to a blank Youtube video post that says, “video is unavailable.”

Netizens reacted to the network’s video on the trash, denouncing it as “biased” and “trash reporting.”

They noted that the INC members, including those from SCAN International, had immediately cleaned up the area of activity where the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty was conducted in Manila on May 6.

Police estimates of the crowd along Roxas Boulevard that Sunday ranged from 1.2 million to 1.5 million people.   The INC broke its own record for the largest charity walk in a single venue during that event.


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Video unavailable, says Youtube upon clicking on video link of TV network’s report. (Photo grabbed from Youtube post)
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“This video is unavailable,” says Yotube after a click on the link of the TV network’s post. (Photo grabbed from Youtube post on link. Courtesy Youtube)