More than 100,000 persons have already recovered from COVID-19, says latest data on global cases

Screenshot of the virus dashboard on COVID-19 cases worldwide as compiled and processed by the Johns Hopkins University (Courtesy Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University)


(Eagle News) – More than 100,000 patients who were infected with the coronavirus disease have already recovered or have been cured of the disease, according to the latest data on the global virus cases from the Johns Hopkins University.

Most of the 100,982 recovered patients were from China which reported total recoveries of almost 73,000, or 72,819 to be exact. This was out of 81,498 confirmed cases. This means that almost 90 percent of the total novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in China had recovered.

In terms of numbers, the next country with the most recoveries was Iran with 8,376 recoveries out of 23,049 confirmed infections (or 36 percent recovered from total infections).

In terms of percentage, South Korea is next with the most number of recoveries with reported 3,166 recoveries out of the total 8,961 confirmed cases (or over 35 percent patients recovering out of total confirmed cases).

In Italy, the new virus epicenter, with 63,927 cases, those who recovered from the infection were 7,342, as of the latest data from the Johns Hopkins University virus dashboard (or over 11 percent recovering from the total virus cases)

France has the same percentage of recovered patients. Around 11 percent (10.9 percent) or 2,123 patients recovered from the total number of 20,123 confirmed cases, as of the latest data from JHU.

Spain, on the other hand, had 3,355 recoveries out of 35,136 confirmed cases (or over 9 percent recovering so far out of the total cases).

The Johns Hopkins University dashboard on COVID-19 global cases said that there are 378,601 confirmed cases worldwide, while total deaths due to the disease reached 16,505 with Italy reporting the most number of fatalities at more than 6,000 (6,077)

Scientists and medical experts from all over the world are now on a race to develop a cure for the pandemic that has so far affected more than 190 countries and territories.

(Eagle News Service)