LTO welcomes approval of single-ticketing system in Metro Manila

(Eagle News)–The Land Transportation Office welcomed the passage of the single-ticketing system to be implemented in Metro Manila.

In a statement, LTO Chief Assistant Secretary Jayart Tugade said its implementation can help ensure traffic management in the National Capital Region is more “responsive, efficient and appropriate to the needs of the motoring public.”

He added the fitness of a driver can now be determined once he applies for renewal of her or his license.

“Even before this scheme was proposed, the LTO has already called for a thorough review of the policy..,” he said, adding that the LTO’s position was for it not to be implemented hastily.

He said plugging possible loopholes was necessary.

On Wednesday, the Metro Manila Council approved the single-ticketing policy, which would see fines ranging from P500 to P10,000– depending on the violation and frequency of commission–imposed on drivers.

The council is the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority’s policy-making body.

The government has also said the scheme would allow for a better monitoring of violations since current violations would be reported immediately to a command center at LTO.