Look: PNP confiscates sample ballots, flyers in Sauyo elementary school

(Eagle News) — Police confiscated sample ballots and flyers being distributed at the Sauyo Elementary School in Quezon City on Monday, May 13.

In this video taken by Eagle News Service correspondent Ian Jasper Eleazar, the various sample ballots can be seen piled up on a table as policemen secured the voting premises.  They also confiscated several bags of the illegal campaign materials.

Police Capt. Dennis Fajardo of the Quezon City Police District’s Station 4 explained that the distribution of sample ballots and flyers inside the polling precincts are prohibited during election day.

He said the voting is generally peaceful, and the areas were well-secured.

Fajardo said that the man they had earlier apprehended for distributing sample ballots and flyers was later released, but that they had to seize the campaign materials he was distributing.