Laura Lehmann visits hospital, remembers how she dreamt of becoming a doctor

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) — Miss World Philippines Laura Lehmann exemplified the theme “beauty with a purpose” as she visited the nursery section of the Jose Reyes Medical Center (JRMC) on September 23, reminiscing how she once dreamed of becoming a doctor.

Lehmann, who is also an advocate for children’s education called PREP (Promoting Rural Education in the Philippines), detailed how they planned to make Beauty With A Purpose projects sustainable.

She said that this visit to the hospital was without a doubt her favorite day so far of her reign.

In an Instagram photo she posted last week, Lehmann said: “Yesterday was without a doubt my favorite day of my reign. 🙂 ❤️ We visited the Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center & planned great things not only for the next few months but for the next 5-years. This time, we want our Beauty With A Purpose projects to be sustainable and long-living so that we can truly make a lasting difference in these places – that’s what @MissWorld teaches us. 🙂 Now, the beautiful queens coming after me will always have this project to work with.”

(Courtesy Lara Lehmann instagram account)

She also shared her great experience inside the nursery room where the hospital staff and mothers welcomed her with warm hospitality and kindness.

Laura Lehmann is set to represent the Philippines in this year’s Miss World Competition in November.


Jodi Bustos, Eagle News Service