Knowing Obesity and Preventing It

courtesy Reuters
courtesy Reuters


In a new study this year, researchers have found out that at the early age of nine to 11, children who have been obese are most likely to remain in that state until they mature.  Still, there is no reason to be complacent for children in the same age with normal weight.  Because studies also reveal that  the ratio of children aged nine to 11 with normal weight are also proven to develop obesity as they age, with the percentage of this likelihood increasing in recent years — from 5% in 1980 to 21% in 2012.
Obesity is defined as having excess body weight for a particular height. It is the result of “caloric imbalance”, where only few calories are used up or burned  by the body vis a vis the amount of daily calorie intake.  this then leads to such health risk factors like high cholesterol, diabetes, joint problems, sleep apnea, as well as social and psychological problems.
With this knowledge, how can people protect themselves from being obese? First, one should know if he or she is suffering from obesity? This is determined  by a person’s”body mass index,” calculating the  individual’s weight multiplied by 703, divided by his/her height in inches.  Below is the formula:

BMI =  _____________ x 703
height (in)²

There are several ways to keep fit and prevent obesity.  Healthy lifestyle habits such as healthy eating and engaging in physical activities will help.  These  can lower the risk of developing heart-related diseases.  Thirty minutes or more of walking each day helps an individual lose more or less 1000 calories per week. Calorie intake also needs to be trimmed for those who are already obese and would want to lose those unwanted fat. Swimming is also one of the most affordable way of slimming,  For better results, one can always consult or hire a personal trainer.
Prevention is always better than cure.  Regardless of their situation, people should always be reminded about healthy living.