July is Nutrition Month – Read your food labels!

QUEZON City, Philippines (July 22) – Do you read your food labels?

July is Nutrition Month! It’s that time of the year when we are reminded to eat a healthy, balanced diet! And to some, eating healthily may be like a chore but the truth is it is very easy to eat healthy! The secret is reading the food labels!

Every food product that we purchase has a label on it. This label gives us a wealth of information about the food product that we are about to ingest.

The problem is reading food labels is like an exercise in cryptography! It seems like one needs to be a nutritionist before one can decipher the valuable information contained in the label.

Reading food labels is not really an art and it is not exactly science. All you need is a basic understanding of what each label contains so that you can comprehend the information found in each and every food label.

Below is a helpful guide in reading food labels so that we can maximize the nutritious potential of each food product.

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(infographics by Erdy Peletina and Den Pobre, research by Jodi Bustos, edited by Jay Paul Carlos)