Isko Moreno proclaimed Manila mayor


(Eagle News) — The Manila City Board of Canvassers on Tuesday night, May 14, formally proclaimed Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso as the new mayor of Manila garnering 357,925 votes.

Moreno beat incumbent mayor former President Joseph Estrada who had earlier conceded defeat, and another former Manila mayor, Alfredo Lim who got 138,923 votes.

Moreno had a lead of 147,000 votes over Estrada who got 210,605 votes.

Moreno’s running mate, incumbent vice-mayor Honey Lacuna who got 394,766 votes also won the vice-mayoralty post.

Honey Lacuna is proclaimed Manila vice-mayor by the Manila City Board of Canvassers (Photo courtesy Moira Encina, Eagle News Service)
Former Manila vice-mayor Danny Lacuna attends the proclamation of his daughter as winner of the vice-mayoralty race in the May 13, 2019 elections. (Photo by Moira Encina, Eagle News Service)
The newly proclaimed Manila mayor Isko Moreno and his vice-mayor Honey Lacuna during the proclamation of winners by the Manila City Board of Canvassers on Tuesday, May 14, 2019. (Photo by Moira Encina, Eagle News Service)

The proclamation was attended by former Manila Vice-Mayor Danny Lacuna, father of the newly proclaimed vice-mayor.  The elder Lacuna had helped Moreno to finish his studies.

Moreno thanked God and all of his supporters for helping him in the campaign.

He also thanked former Vice-Mayor Lacuna for helping him achieve his dreams.

Moreno, who said he had experienced being a “basurero” or garbage collector in his youth, said that he would try to elevate Manila’s image by helping Manila residents to elevate their lives, and by cleaning up the city.

He said that it is now the time for all Manileños to unite to bring development to the city.

Moreno, a former actor, had served as vice-mayor of Manila before deciding to run for the mayoralty race. He was also a three-term councilor for Manila’s first district.

(with a report from Moira Encina, Eagle News Service)