Iranian beauty queen barred from entering PHL

(Eagle News)–An Iranian beauty queen was prevented from entering the country.

Justice spokesperson Markk Perete said Bahare Zare Bahari was barred from entering the Philippines because of an interpol red notice issued against her, according to information from the Bureau of Immigration.

Perete said the red notice was based on a criminal case for assault filed against her in Iran by a fellow Iranian.

The assault allegedly happened here in the Philippines, he said.

“While the exclusionary proceedings against her has been terminated, Bahare remains in BI custody and could not be sent back to Iran as she has filed an application for asylum,” Perete said.

He said the  application shall be resolved by the Department of Justice “in due time.”

“No, she won’t be sent back just yet and not until her application for asylum is resolved. BI may have set her return for Iran before she filed her asylum application,” Perete explained.

“To paraphrase former (Chief Justice Lucas) Bersamin, just because its set doesn’t mean it will happen,” he added. With a report from Moira Encina