Rumor: iPhone 6 with a bezel-free design

image from: Ciccarese Design
image from: Ciccarese Design

Speculation about iPhone6 with a bezel-free design

Apple is testing an iPhone 6 with a bezel-free design that puts more features behind the glass. Korea Herald latest speculation said that Apple may bring out an iPhone 6 with a free bezel design. that supports fingerprint scanning and Sony FaceTime camera feature.

Apple is said to be testing prototypes of the so-called “iPhone 6” that lack bezels surrounding the devices’ displays, according to the Korea Herald. Rumors of an iPhone featuring a bezel-less design have been circulating for years, with one report last November claiming that Apple was working on handsets with “larger displays with glass that curves downward at the edges.”

iPhone6 due time is still unknown and rumor has it that it would be due for a long time. This means Apple has still have a lot of time to test iPhone 6 with a bezel- free design, but the company’s decision for this is still unknown.