Internet Slang Terms That Changed The World

Internet Slang Terms You Need To Know


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Keeping updated with the latest internet terms and lingo words are quite tough especially if you are the kind of the person who is not an internet savvy. But did you know communication has changed in so many ways in the world wide web? Netizens today are creative; being able to form a phrase that somewhat useful in everyday’s interaction.

Internet slang terms are going viral, people are into it and enjoying using these terms by including them in their Instagram/Twitter posts. We can’t blame anyone, let us face the truth that internet drastically changed our daily lives. So if you are a beginner, here we share to you some common internet slang terms you usually read anywhere in the web in case you gonna need it later.

1. BRB  (“Be Right Back”) – If you are in the middle of phone call or facebook chat, then suddenly you remember something important like school project or maybe the nature is calling you. “BRB, need to research something for my History homework”

2. TBH (“To Be Honest”) – Meaning you are just extending your own opinion to an idea or showing your own thoughts to someone. “TBH, i can’t picture out the idea of you dating him”

3. BTW (“By The Way”) – When you are trying  change topic or you want to open something new.

4. ROTF (“Rolling On The Floor”) – Because laughing out lour isn’t just enough!

5. FOMO/JOMO (“Joy/Fear Of Missing Out”) –  Meaning we can all take pleasure in turning off our smartphones, skipping that happy hour, and settling into a nice, warm evening of just doing you and not caring what other people are doing.

6. NP (“No Problem”) – We say this as an alternative to ‘Your Welcome’

7. TLDR (“Too Long, Didn’t Read”) – When there’s an article and it’s kinda long, and we are like “That article is isn’t killing my time. TLDR”

8. YOLO (“You Only Live Once”) – People normally say this if they are trying out unique adventures or they did something for the first time in their life. Meaning that you should take risks and live life to the fullest

9. IKR (“I Know Right”) – When someone is trying to be cool and keep on telling things on you without him/her knowing that you already knew it.

10. FYI (“For Your Information”) – Teaching someone about things he haven’t heard in his entire life.

11. SMH (“Shaking My Head”) – An expression of disbelief or disapproval

12. OTP (“One True Pairing”) –  Usually used to denote a fanatical devotion to one pairing in a fandom, excluding all others; a fandom abbreviation referring to one’s favorite fictional couple

13. WCW (“Woman Crush Wednesday”) – One of the popular used hashtag in the world of Instagram and Twitter. This means you need to post a picture of a woman whom you are crushing on.

14. OOTD (“Outfit Of The Day”) – Used by many in showing to the social media their outfit of the day. Fashion bloggers are using this phrase though.

15. FBF (“Flashback Friday”) – Posting and sharing past moments in social media sites.

16. TBT (“Throwback Thursday”) – The most popular internet slang used by everyone who has an IG account. Similar to FBF, this is also a one way of sharing past moments on social media every Thursday.