International singer David Pomeranz to guest in Eagle FM 95.5 Live Chat tonight, 8PM


By Caesar Vallejos, OPEN FOR BUSINESS

David Pomeranz makes history as the first international artist who will guest at the Eagle FM 95.5 Live Chat, the online show of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation’ FM radio station.

The Live Chat with David Pomeranz will be at 8 PM tonight, April 22, 2021, on Eagle FM 95.5’s official Facebook page. Pomeranz’s classic hits include the songs “King and Queen of Hearts,” “The Old Songs,” and “Got to Believe in Magic.”

“Eagle FM 95.5 Live Chat is an opportunity for our listeners to engage with our DJs during the extended lockdowns. Due to the quarantines, our DJs, like most of us who want to observe health protocols follow mobility restrictions. Through this live chat with artists, our DJs continue to be in touch with their followers through social media,” Vladie Bañez, Eagle FM 95.5 Station Manager, said.

“During the Live Chat, DJs Toni, Peachy, and Richard interact with the guest artists about their music, their passion, their backgrounds, and most importantly, how they stay positive during the crisis that has been plaguing the world,” Bañez added.

Eagle FM 95.5 was recently relaunched to carry the tagline, “where the classics never end,” allowing it to play the hits, both local and international songs, appealing to a broader audience and brings back memories from yesteryears.

Live Chat promotes listening to the FM station, which, based on the latest radio surveys from credible research organizations, climbed in ranking and listenership.

“We are very thankful to all the artists in the industry who share with us their time and effort to entertain our listeners both on FM radio and online. It is also our way to help our followers cope with the pandemic. The artists share their experiences and creativity and how they make their time valuable during these difficult times,” Bañez shared.

The artists who have guested in Eagle FM Live Chat include Rannie Raymundo, Lilet, Vehnee Saturno, Renz Verano, Luke Mijares, and Chad Borja.