Inmates of Manila City Jail hold noise barrage vs. warden

(Eagle News)– Inmates of Manila City Jail on Thursday (October 13) held a noise barrage as a call to oust its current jail warden Supt. Gerald Bantag.

In a statement, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) said about 200 inmates belonging to Dorms 9 and 10 were opposing the segregation or reclassification of drug offenders in the jail, a measure called by Bantag’s management.

“The purpose of segregation is to give the inmates who were jailed of substance abuse with proper interventions such as therapy programs, physical fitness programs, counseling, and spiritual enhancement activities,” the BJMP explained.

The noise barrage started before 10 AM and lasted for more than two hours.

Some inmates even went up to the roof of the facility to display a banner condemning Bantag.

Authorities from the BJMP and Manila Police District-Special Weapons and Tactics were on site to pacify the situation.