Infographics: Philippine Eagle Week

Every June 4-10 of each calendar year, we celebrate the ecological importance and social significance of the Philippine eagle through the Philippine Eagle Week (PEW). Twenty years after Presidential Proclamation No. 79 was signed into law declaring the observance of the PEW, we reflect back on these years of continued collaboration with our fellow champions in Philippine eagle conservation.



  • to strengthen public awareness on the significant role of the Philippine Eagle in the forest ecosystem, and its importance as a national symbol and unique heritage, among others.
  • to generate unified and concerted efforts among all sectors of the society to ensure the protection and perpetuation of the species.
  • to encourage non-government organizations, private companies or corporations, people’s organization, academic and scientific organizations and all another interested parties to participate in the annual celebration of the Philippine Eagle Week.

Source: › EventsPhilippine Eagle Week – DENR Int’l ENR Agreements