INC members in Canada celebrate Church’s 50th year in the West

One of the musical plays conducted in Canada to celebrate the 50th anniversary in the West of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ). Photo from EBC Canada Bureau/ Eagle News Service


By Arnie Aquino
EBC Canada Bureau
Eagle News Service

VANCOUVER, Canada (Eagle News) — Fifty years ago, the Church of Christ did what many thought impossible: it crossed the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to Hawaii, and established its first locale congregation outside of the Philippines.

Today, the Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrates the 50th anniversary of its establishment in the West, and here in the Greater Vancouver Area, in the westernmost part of Canada, participants are buzzing with excitement, as they join many across the globe in celebrating this milestone.


The audience awaits the start of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) at the Massey Theater in Vancouver, Canada. (Photo by EBC Canada Bureau)


The celebration in Vancouver took place here at Massey Theatre. Attendees arrived early in anticipation of the musical, a new and unique part of this celebration. The uniqueness of this musical stems from this: the script used in this musical is identical in all ecclesiastical districts of the Iglesia Ni Cristo all over the world, and the musical itself will be shown to the general public, in the different locations simultaneously, at roughly the same time. Although the story line is identical, the Districts have creative freedom in adding their own flavor to the musical, as they see fit.

Leading up to the event, those involved in the production were tireless in memorizing lines, songs and choreography. Thea Domingo describes the grueling but rewarding process of being involved in a stage play as a humbling and unique experience.


Members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (CHurch Of Christ) watching the INC musical play held in Toronto, Canada wave the green, white and red INC flag. INC musical plays were held in different parts of the world, using the same script, to celebrate the INC’s 50th year in the West, and 104th anniversary. (Photo by EBC Canada Bureau, Eagle News Service)

While those who are part of the stage play are busy preparing for the performance, those organizing the events were also deeply involved to ensure a smooth program that is enjoyable to all attendees.

The musical itself was a success. Massey Theatre was overwhelmed with the number of attendees, eager to see the highly anticipated stageplay – and it did not disappoint.

The quality of the performances, smooth transition, and perhaps most importantly, the story line of the play moved the spectators and made them realize the importance of the significance of celebrating the organization’s 50th anniversary in the West.   (Eagle News Service)