Improper waste management causes green house gases

The Provincial Environment Management Office (PEMO) in Negros Occidental said that improper waste management is one of the factors that causes the production of greenhouse gases in the country.

Engr. Jocy Mar Victorino, Senior Environmental Management Specialist, said greenhouse gases can mainly be attributed to sources of energy, gasoline from vehicles and pollution, but improper waste management also contributes nine percent of the greenhouse gases that are emitted.

Improper waste management can lead to biodegradable and plastic materials to combine and create methane gas, which is close to greenhouse gas, he said.

Greenhouse gas is a gas that absorbs infrared radiation and radiates heat in all directions.

Negros Occidental has the distinction of being an agricultural province, hence, 66.83 percent of its waste is biodegradable.

The remaining 33.17 percent is divided between recyclable and residual.

PEMO is encouraging households to cooperate with their respective local government units (LGUs) when it comes to proper waste segregation.

Victorino said that if proper waste segregation starts at home, LGUs would not need huge amounts for their respective budget on proper waste management.

Instead, the allocated funds that are intended for proper waste management would go to health services and education, he added.

On their part, LGUs are tasked to inform those who are in the household level about proper waster segregation, as to generate public participation. (JCM/CBA/PIA6-Negros Occidental)