Immigration bureau deports more than 300 Chinese nationals nabbed for telecom fraud

(Eagle News) – More than 300 Chinese nationals allegedly involved in telecommunications fraud are set to be deported today, Thursday, Nov. 13, according to the Bureau of Immigration (BI).

The bureau said that the Chinese nationals to be deported were arrested in a raid at an office of the Millenium building where they were found to be allegedly conducting scamming operations last month.

BI Intelligence chief Fortunato Manahan Jr. said that the members of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) also helped them in the successful operation.

“They (the Chinese nationals arrested) will be deported today (Thursday), and we are very much thankful to the NCRPO) for assisting us in this operation,” Manahan said.

The Chinese nationals will be flown back to China via five chartered China Eastern flights to Shijiaxuang, Hebei Province and Changchun, Jilin Province.

Immigration intelligence officers and Chinese police officers will be escorting them.

Commissioner Jaime Morente said the 312 Chinese nationals were among the 512 illegal foreign workers arrested recently by the immigration bureau.

“Let this serve as a warning to aliens planning to use the country as a base for their illegal operations. Expect more arrests in the coming days,”

According to the BI, aside from the Chinese nationals, the joint BI and NCRPO raid arrested also arrested Burmese, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Indonesians.