Iglesia Ni Cristo helps hard-to-reach communities in Papua New Guinea through “Aid to Humanity”


(Eagle News) — The Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church Of Christ) helped poor communities in Papua New Guinea, including hard to reach areas there,  through the  Aid To Humanity event on Oct. 31, which was also done worldwide to help various communities in need.

The Church’s latest Worldwide Aid to Humanity campaign was held to also mark the birthday of INC Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Communities from June Valley in Port Moresby and from far-away areas such as Banana Block, Lae City and Mount Hagen benefited from the Iglesia Ni Cristo’s Aid to Humanity where food parcels and care packages were distributed to the people who attended the event.

The people there thanked the Church members for helping them, especially as the area has been feared by many because of many skirmishes, clashes, and hostilities that have killed and injured many for the past years.

“I’ve never seen an organization like this penetrate into the heart of a place where a lot of criminals …. It’s kind of a hideout for them.  It’s a feared place that no organization would want to come in,” said James Koba, one of the residents of the area who said he was very thankful that the Iglesia Ni Cristo had reached the place to help residents in the area.

The residents there are peace-loving and they are grateful for the activities of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) that are somehow also bringing peace to the area.

They thanked the INC Executive Minister for the help extended to them

Banana Block in Lae City has been feared because of skirmishes and other crimes. Lae is the capital of Morobe Province and is the second-largest city in Papua New Guinea. It is at the start of the Highlands Highway which is the main land transport corridor between the Highlands region and the coast.  The Highlands Highway has also been the site of many road crimes, by criminals and gang members.

In fact, crime rates are highest in and around cities – such as Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Mount Hagen, and Goroka, according to the Papua New Guinea 2020 Crime & Safety Report.

But this did not stop the Iglesia Ni Cristo from reaching out and helping the communities in the area which had been cut off from the capital, as travel is perilous in the highway.

Those who benefited from the event include the elderly who were also given food and other essential items by the INC.

The Church Of Christ had been helping communities in the area since it started establishing its presence in Papua New Guinea.

The INC Aid to Humanity is part of the Church’s efforts to reach out and help people in need wherever they may be.  Church members do this in fulfillment of the Biblical teaching to help and love their fellowmen.

(Eagle News Service)