How To Start Your Week Off Right?

Do not forget to start your day with a smile.
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Start Your Week Off Right

By: Natalie Kate Ann Juntado

That feeling you get when it’s Monday already. You just had an amazing and relaxing weekend and how you wish, this will remain forever. Since we don’t have the power to make this dream come true, we help you to embrace Monday with open arms and heart.

It is understandable that many people, especially employees dread Mondays, that most of them struggle to drag their lazy butt off to bed when the alarm clock started to annoy.

Let us face the fact, this is your life, and no matter how the universe conspires us to hate Mondays, we, in the reality side have to breathe in and continue to work on our job. We all wanted a peaceful and worry- free life and the only way to aim these things is to always start your day with a positive outlook in life and believe you can kick the entire week with flying colors.

Whichever category is your situation falls under, we share to you some motivational things you can employ to yourself to start your week off right. Stick with these techniques and always repeat it on the first day of the week for a more beneficial life and great day ahead. Start your week off right and let the good vibes flow to you from within.

  1. Reward yourself a great weekend. Owning a leisure time with yourself or with your friends on a weekend is very important. After a week of hard working and sleepless nights, you deserve a relaxing weekend at the beach or hanging out with your colleagues in a café. Do not deprive yourself, just be happy and plan your weekend ahead of time. People are often risk to depression when they tend to waste their weekend away after a tiring and stressful weekdays. Surround yourself with people who makes you laugh, you can ask your sister to accompany you in the mall to shop. If you are the kind of person who loves to spend time alone, you can raid bookstores to check out new reads. There are a lot of things you can do on the weekend, just be sure it hits you.
  2. Plan and list down all the things you need to accomplish this week. If you were to ask 10 people what are their goals for the week, 50% of them would know what to answer. When you set goals, you give yourself a chance to strive for it – work hard for it. Practice yourself on something to work toward. For example you want to revamp your room every Friday night, you have now started a cycle in your mind that needs to be completed. If you are working and your goal is to finish your report every Wednesday, you also have something in your mind to work on every Wednesday. Note yourself to set 1 main goal to accomplish next week. List it down by Friday and break down some steps you need, to guide you in accomplishing your goal.
  3. Wake up with excitement every morning. Every day you wake up is a gift you must cherish. If you are feeling blue, and rather to stay in your bed, there must be something on you. Feel excited the moment you woke up, enjoy the rest of your day and if you have trouble dragging yourself out of your bed, put an inspirational quote on your wall where you can read it easily when waking up.
  4. Get some exercise. People may find it hard to do, since it takes a lot of effort for someone to see the gradual result. Take a 15-minute walk every morning before heading to work just to have a starting point in slaying your day with work.
  5. Positive attitude. Perhaps the most important thing to prepare before starting your week. Having a positive outlook in your pocket can change your mood, the way you think and most importantly in helps you see things differently in a good way.

Got something to share on how to start your week? Share it with us in the comment section below. – Eagle News PH