How to make corporate attire cool and fun for guys


QUEZON City, Philippines (September 16) – Most dread the idea of corporate attire, finding it confining, stifling, boring, stodgy, conservative, dull… as you can see, I don’t like the idea of corporate attire as well.

But we are adults now, or at least young adult professionals. So, we must follow the corporate attire dress code. But don’t worry, wearing corporate attire can be fun and cool!

Tired of the traditional black, gray or dark blue. Try livening up your business wear with pinstripes.

Corporate attireExperiment with your color combinations but remember that the shirt should be light in color when the suit is dark. Also basic is the rule that the sleeves of the shirt and the blazer should reach the wrist. For a more casual approach, try rolling up your shirtsleeves.

Make a subtle statement using a tie made from silk or similar material. Choose those that come in elegant and classic colors that will make an attractive contrast with your suit.

Although the general rule is that the socks should match the color of the pants or the shoe, sometimes using socks of contrasting color can enliven an outfit.

When unsure, choose black leather shoes with laces since they can easily go with most styles. Make sure that they are clean and polished.


The style of the belt should complement the material and style of the shoes.

Going beyond corporate attire, you should also consider your personal grooming habits and choice of accessories once you’ve entered the corporate world.

Keep haircuts short and well maintained, and always shave any facial hair.

Jewelry for men should generally be limited to one ring on each hand at most, and formal styles watch. Avoid earrings and necklaces.

Choose a light and fresh body spray. For colognes, either uses a light variety in a small amount or none at all. Make sure that the fragrance is not overpowering and test it out a day before the interview by asking for someone’s feedback.

Corporate attire 2The briefcase should complement the overall look. Choose a smart case or portfolio in a dark color.

Now you can look cool while wearing corporate attire! Also, don’t forget to be confident, that is the best accessory of all.


(written by Cleeve Lemuel Carpio, edited by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Lovely Ann Cruz)