Hollywood Foreign Press Association starts official screening of EBC Films’ “Guerrero Dos”


(Eagle News) — The prestigious Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) is set to start official screening of EBC Films’ Guerrero Dos Tuloy Ang Laban (The Fight Continues).

The screening is scheduled at June 5, 7 pm in Los Angeles, which is June 6 at 10 a.m., Manila time.  It will last for two weeks.

The HFPA is a group of over 90 members of journalists responsible for Golden Globe Awards every January.

Despite the pandemic, HFPA actively screening movies virtually from around the globe.

Written and directed by internationally acclaimed director Carlo Ortega Cuevas. Guerrero Dos premiered in Manila, Philippines last October 29, 2019.

Guerrero is the midquel to EBC Film’s first movie, Guerrero, which focuses on the life of boxer Ramon Guerrero. However, in “Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban” (The Fight Continues), the story focuses on his younger brother, Miguel, as he fights his own battles in life.

Written and directed by international award winner, Carlo Ortega Cuevas, “Tuloy Ang Laban” (The Fight Continues) is an inspiring film that reminds us we are all “Guerreros” or warriors. We get hurt and we cry at times. We may lose some fights, but the battle that is life is ahead us, so we should not quit nor surrender.

(By MJ Racadio, Eagle News Service correspondent in Los Angeles, California)