Guerrero, a “knockout” with UK audiences

by Vee Manuel-Sison, London-UK
EBC Europe Bureau

The author (right-most) with EBC crew during the London premiere of Guerrero

LONDON, UK (Eagle News) — After its successful release across Asia, Middle East, US, Canada and Europe, the independently produced Filipino movie “Guerrero” by EBC films premiered at London, Kensington Academy on April 6 and 7, with five sold out screenings in London.

This film directed by Carlos Ortega Cuevas, already won multiple awards in the Philippines and overseas, including “Best Editing of a Foreign Language Film” at the Madrid International Film Festival & Best Feature Comedy Film” in the Amsterdam International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema. The child actor who played “Miguel”, Julius Cesar Sabenorio also won the “Movie Child Performer of the Year” award for Guerrero, last year from the 34th Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Movies.

Guerrero is the first film released by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, a digital
media network which aims to provide wholesome, family orientated values and public service media platform.

The UK held its London premiere in Kensington Academy. Hundreds gathered at the lobby to queue for the sold-out screenings. People walked down the red carpet and took photos in front of the giant movie posters. In the first showings on Saturday and Sunday, there were special performances from
INC Production Company, the team performed original music songs.

UK-based TV crews also showcased INC Media and EBC UK reports around the UK. People were able to purchase refreshing bubble teas and eat yummy Filipino food. It was a great weekend to hang out with friends and family.

Guerrero is a story about resilience and triumph in the face of defeat. Written and filmed entirely in the Philippines, the movie is in Tagalog with English subtitles.

The audience reacted to all the key scenes which could be felt in the cinema. The movie resonated with Filipino and non-Filipino audiences alike.

“It was laugh out loud funny in one scene, then it turned a corner and my eyes would not stop crying,” one British guest reacted.

”Itʼs one of the best movies I have seen loved it,” said another guest J. Devarapali.

Another guest noted how Guerrero was “a story that connects with any audience in any country.” “Totally unexpected!”

Not your typical “Pinoy” film but still has the Filipino charm and humor the audience connects with, Guerrero conveys mature themes of family, values and passion for life.

After the film, the audience were still debating who the hero of the story is, but it will be up to you , the viewer to find out.

Guerrero will continue to be screened in select theatres across the United
Kingdom and Europe this year.