Filipino ingenuity: Who can beat this face shield?

A resident using an improvised face shield made from a plastic water tank to protect him from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic walks in his neighbourhood in Manila on April 5, 2020, after the government imposed enhanced quarantine measures in the city. (Photo by Ted ALJIBE / AFP)


(Eagle News) — Amid the shortage of face shields and face masks, this resident in Manila made his own version of this personal protective equipment (PPE) — a plastic water tank to protect himself.

Filipinos have resorted to do-it-yourself PPEs to protect themselves amid the COVID-19 pandemic — from hand-sewn face masks, face shields made from plastic covers, to this ultimate head cover shown in the photo above, raising the DIY face shield to a whole new level,

The Philippines, as of April 22, has 6,710 COVID-19 cases, mostly in the Philippine capital, Metro Manila,