Filipino family affected by flight suspension not losing hope that virus crisis will soon be over



By Malou Francisco
EBC Europe Bureau

(Eagle News) – A Filipino family affected by travel restrictions amid the coronavirus crisis is finding hope and inspiration in the little things that inspire them to go on.

Randy Recio’s wife Aileen is a member of the cabin crew of the Dubai-based Emirates airlines.

As the airline suspended flights in many areas including in Germany where Randy is based, he is finding inspiration in their family photo taken before the COVID-19 crisis.

He was also able to see his wife, Aileen, one last time over the weekend as the aircraft where she was assigned laid over at the Dusseldorf International Airport, Germany before continuing the flight to Dubai.

This photo of his wife, smiling, as she turned to look at him before proceeding to the aircraft is a picture precious to Randy, further giving him inspiration.

Aileen Recio, a Filipina cabin crew member of the Dubai-based Emirates airlines, gives a smile to her husband Randy as she walks to her plane which made a layover at the Dusseldorf airport in Germany.
Emirates has suspended flights to Germany and many other countries amid the coronavirus crisis. (Photo courtesy Randy Recio/ Photo given to EBC Europe Bureau’s Malou Francisco, Eagle News Service)

For now Randy, a newly-hired employee of a German company, and his Dubai-based wife Aileen Gwynne with their two boys, Luis Enrique and Rui Andreas, will just have to communicate through the internet.

And their old family picture taken in the pre-COVID-19 days which is his mobile phone’s profile picture, gives him hope and strength that this crisis will soon pass, and he would get to be reunited with his family once again.

(Eagle News Service)