Eleazar: People caught not wearing face masks to be given one, to be booked and probed

(Eagle News) — People who will be caught not wearing face masks will be given one.

Philippine National Police Chief Guillermo Eleazar added violators of the ordinance on the mandatory  wearing of face masks will not be jailed but will be booked and investigated.

Eleazar said violators can be held for a maximum of 12 hours while undergoing investigation and booking procedure.

During such time, we will provide them face masks to protect our own investigators, and their fellow violators, Eleazar said.

He said violators will undergo a records check to determine whether they have a previous arrest record for a similar offense.

He said the appropriate penalty for repeat offenders will apply.

“Those found with outstanding Warrants of Arrest will undergo further appropriate police action in coordination with judicial authorities,” the PNP said.