EBC’s Anchors and Programs Receive Recognition and Awards in 22nd KBP Golden Dove Awards

Once again, the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) gave awards and recognition, honoring members of the media for their commitment to public service.

Various programs and personalities of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation received nominations at the recently held 22nd KBP Golden Dove Awards, and two of them garnered awards.

NET 25’s public service program, “Aprub,” won the award for “Best Public Service Program for Television,” while Angelo Palmones, newscaster for Net 25’s “Agila Balita Alas Dose”  received the  “Ka Doroy Broadcaster of the Year” award.

EBC received a total of 11 nominations from the KBP Golden Dove Awards.

Nominated for the category of “Best TV Newscast Program” are the programs Eagle News International, Mata ng Agila, Agila Balita.
The premiere IT show in the Philippines, Convergence, was nominated as the “Best TV Magazine Program” and DZEC’s Pilipino Scientist received a nomination for “Best Radio Science and Technology Program.”
NET 25’s history and travel show, Landmarks, received a nomination as “Best TV Culture and Arts Program” while  DZEC’s Kalinangan ng Pilipino was nominated as “Best Radio Culture and Arts Program”.
Not only programs but radio and TV personalities of EBC also received recognition from their colleagues.
Agila Balita anchor, Angelo Palmones, received two nomination as “Best Radio Newscaster” and “Best TV Newscaster”, while Eagle News reporter Ely Dumaboc, received nomination as “Best Radio Field Reporter.”  Mata Ng Agila anchor Ely Saludar was also  nominated as “Best TV Newscaster”.

NET 25’s “Aprub” was nominated for and awarded the “Best Public Service Program for Television”

For these awards and nominations, EBC extends its heartfelt thanks and promise to continue to deliver news and public service to its dedicated community. To God be the glory!