EBC inaugurates new stations in Tagum, Davao and Naga; relaunches Radyo Agila Davao, Radyo Bicolandia (PBC)


(Eagle News) – Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) inaugurated its new stations in Tagum City and Naga City on Saturday, Oct. 31, which also served as the formal relaunch of Radyo Agila DXED 1224 in the Davao Region and Radyo Agila DZLW in Naga operated under the Penafrancia Broadcasting Corporation.

This is part of EBC’s efforts to strengthen its reach to further serve more communities even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DZLW 711 Radyo Bicolandia also launches its FM station, 92.7 BeCool FM, with the addition of a new FM transmitter. There is also a new AM transmitter. Another innovation is its eco-friendly building made from repurposed container or shipping vans, which also is a testament to EBC’s corporate social responsibility to help the environment. The station also has a new tower, new antenna and new studio, as well as housing units for its employees.

A view of the repurposed shipping container van used in the Naga City station, DZLW Radyo Bicolandia of PBC managed by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. (Eagle News Service photo)
PBC Naga City station, DZLW Radyo Bicolandia. (Eagle News Service photo)
The new studio of PBC Radyo Bicolandia DZLW managed by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation in Naga City (Eagle News Service photo)

In Davao, EBC purchased a new 10,000 watt transmitter, in addition to the 3,000 watt transmitter that further strengthened Radyo Agila DXED’s reach in Mindanao. This will also further expand the broadcast, not only of EBC’s radio station, but its TV network, NET 25, as well. It also has a new studio and housing for its employees.

Both on air and online, EBC thus is expanding its reach.

EBC’s new station in Davao also uses repurposed shipping container vans.

A view of a portion of the repurposed shipping container van used in the Tagum City station, Radyo Agila DXED, in Davao of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) (Eagle News Service)
The new studio of Radyo DXED in Tagum City of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (Eagle News Service photo)

Through sustainable and eco-friendly construction, both Radyo Agila stations in Naga and Davao are being built with recycled shipping containers.

EBC President Rowena Dela Fuente Deimoy said this is EBC’s contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals particularly in making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

“We hope to replicate this corporate social responsibility program as we expand our geographic reach and be able to contribute to sustainable and environment-friendly surroundings,” she said during the formal relaunch ceremonies on Saturday, Oct. 31.

“While EBC gives importance to hi-tech and sophisticated broadcast equipment, it does not turn its back to the advocacy that supports sustainability,” she noted.

Deimoy also stressed the importance of EBC’s mission to serve more audiences by delivering news, information, and entertainment through multiple platforms and by producing meaningful, responsible programs and public service that strengthen families and guide the youth in various aspects of daily living.

This is also in line with EBC’s vision to bring the truth to the world and serve relevant content that inspires life in these interesting times.

PBC DZLW Radyo Bicolandia also launches its FM station, 92.7 BeCool FM on Oct 31, 2020 managed by Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (Eagle News Service photo)

By establishing more stations in various regions of the country, EBC also seeks to deliver more news from all over the nation to better serve its audiences with relevant and accurate content, Deimoy said.


(Eagle News Service)