EBC Films’ Guerrero scores a knock-out with fans across the United States

by Emily Manuel
Contributor, Eagle News

Moviegoers lining up to watch EBC Films’ “Guerrero”.

(Eagle News) — Eagle Broadcasting Corporation Films’ “Guerrero” held simultaneous screenings in DC, New Jersey and Virginia, United States on January 27 2019, after its successful release across Asia, the Middle East, United Kingdom and Canada late last year.

The film tells the story of life’s struggles and triumphs seen through the eyes of Ramon Guerrero and his little brother Miguel.

Though written and filmed entirely in the Philippines, the movie resonated with non-Filipino audiences.

According to the Wahleed family from New Jersey, “[we] think the movie was really great. It had an interesting plot to it and the brothers [in the movie] really had a connection. It’s a family-oriented movie. It was very funny and suspenseful and had a lot of tearjerkers.”

When asked about his favorite character, Mustapha Diomande of Gaithersburg, Maryland quipped that Ramon was his favorite character because “he was fighting the whole time.”

Blaine Jefferson of Fredericksburg, Maryland liked Miguel, “he was so inquisitive and kind [of] ahead of his time. I’m kind [of] interested to find out what happened to him… if there’s a part two to the movie I’m looking forward to that.”

With its values-oriented theme, Guerrero appeals to all audiences.

Matthew Capistrano, an Iglesia ni Cristo minister, highlighted the value of the movie. “In these times, there’s so much negativity it’s so hard to find a movie that truly fits our values as Christians, as members of the Church of Christ. We’re thankful that EBC was able to produce this film and that’s why everyone came out; they’re excited to view Guerrero.”

Guerrero will continue to be screened in select theaters across the United States, Canada, and Europe in 2019.

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