EBC commemorates EBC Sports International, 100th episode

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation Sports International (EBCSI) New Jersey host, Rod Delapaz

By Alexandra Megia
Eagle Broadcasting Corporation

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (EBC) — Since 2018, EBC Sports International (EBCSI) has been giving insight and highlights to some of sport’s biggest and brightest stages. Starting as volunteers and growing into professional reporters, “it’s been a great journey to cover various sporting events that truly inspire us,’ says Rob Potes, EBCSI corespondent.

Being fans and interacting with professionals creates a unique opportunity Potes also states. Creating an opportunity, to give a full and in-depth coverage of the world of sports.

With familiar faces like, Michael Hudson and Frendhel Fejeran from Seattle,

Michael Hudson and Frendhel Fejeran on set with cameraman Ariel Castro (Photo by: Michael Hudson/EBCSI)

Carlo Valdez and Rod Delapaz from New Jersey


Selfie of Rod with EBC Correspondent Norm Castro(Photo by Rod Delapaz/EBCSI)
Carlo Valdez on set (Screenshot by: EBCSI)

and Brien Sonson and Aljamin Santos from Las Vegas, paving the future for EBCSI.

Aljamin Santos reporting in front of Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by EBCSI)

“The biggest milestone is our ability to cover a multitude of sports in addition to the big league names like the NBA, NHL, and NFL,” says Aljamin Santos. And hopes that EBCSI  creates a large following globally because of our wide variety of sports coverage and stories that can inspire the next generation.

Zharita Dimaculangan (EBCSI Toronto Bureau) and Aljamin Santos at the NBA All-Star Game 2020 (Photo by: Zharita Dimaculangan/EBCSI)

As EBCSI continues to grow, Eagle Broadcasting Corporation will  continue to have create programs like EBC Sports International. Because studies show that “Bonding over sports — the highs and lows of the game — strengthens ties, helps us feel supported [in life.]” Because it’s our mission to “care for the total well-being of the audience through engaging wholesome, family values-oriented and public service media content.”