Early voters in US swing state Florida explain importance of their vote

FLORIDA, United States (Eagle News) — Some citizens of Florida, considered the swing state in US elections, give their views about the importance of their vote and the options that had been made available to them to be able to cast their vote, including the mail-in voting and early voting

With 29 electoral votes at stake, the Florida vote is very important in a close US presidental race such as that happening between Republican Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

EBC US Bureau correspondent Jim Sewell interviewed some of the Floridians who voted early for the US elections.

Those interviewed appreciated the options made available for them to vote amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

They talked about the importance of casting their votes to facilitate the change that they want.

“Florida has always been a swing state. Hopefully, we can get it right early this time, Hopefully,” said one of those interviewed.

“It will have a big impact especially this year. It’s either freedom, or something else,” said another who was interviewed by EBC US Bureau.

“It’s a huge impact because we’re a swing state. There’s a lot riding on Florida,” said another.

(With an Eagle News Live report from EBC US Bureau correspondent Jim Sewell, Eagle News Service)