Early Oscars arrivals shine on the red carpet

The red carpet for the 87th Academy Awards is now happening under gray skies where the early arrivals were dominated by international filmmakers happy to talk about their Oscar experience.

Polish filmmaker Pawel Pawlkikowski, director of “Ida,” a nominee for best foreign-language film, said he hoped people would respond positively to his film.

“If people enjoyed the film then that is a big thumb up,” said Pawlkikowski. “If you were not a fan of the film, then we did our best.”

Pawlkikowski was joined on the red carpet by the film’s star, Agatha Trzebuchousk.

“I’m not sure that my parents are watching,” said Agatha. “But I hope they are and I would love to say, ‘Hi!’ from the red carpet.”

Fellow Polish filmmaker Tomasz Sliwinski, director of the documentary “Our Curse,” explained how he had to be careful in making the movie.

“The editing for this film was very hard for us because the story was personal and I had to keep a distance,” said Sliwinski. “It wasn’t my story but I treated it as much.”

The Academy Awards, the film industry’s biggest night will serve up its share of suspense as three top honors – best picture, best director and best actor – are proving hard to predict, even for the most seasoned experts.

But for Anthony McCarten, the writer behind “The Theory of Everything,” each film brings with it something special.

“I might be a little immodest but I know there was an incredible mix of elements in this story,” said McCarten. “From this very intense love story to the birth of the universe, it is very gratifying to see that the film has been embraced as it has.”

Besides the A-list stars, the wet weather provided additional drama on the red carpet, which at times threatened to overwhelm the plastic tents put in place to keep the stars dry.