Eagle Broadcasting Corporation receives “Pro Patria Journalism Award” 2021 from Rotary Club of Manila

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation received the prestigious “Pro Patria Journalism Award 2021 from the Rotary Club of Manila on Thursday, June 17, 2021 (Eagle News Service)



(Eagle News) — Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) received the prestigious “Pro Patria” Journalism award from the Rotary Club of Manila (RCM) on Thursday, June 17, for its commitment to truthful and responsible reporting and information dissemination in these challenging times.

EBC President Rowena Dela Fuente Deimoy received the award on behalf of EBC in online virtual ceremonies, and thanked the Rotary Club of Manila for the recognition.

“On behalf of the men and women of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Rotary Club of Manila, for recognizing our network with this Pro Patria award,” Deimoy said.

“More than a year under the pandemic, EBC is committed to give joy and hope to our people by producing programs to uplift their spirit in these interesting times,” she said.

Deimoy also said the award will also serve as an inspiration to the whole EBC organization, including its television, radio and online platforms, in their performance of their duties to “deliver factual and relevant information to uphold democracy.”

It is also a recognization of the valuable work of media frontliners “in these challenging times.”

“Our most utmost thanks to our stakeholders for their continued support. But in all of these, we praise God for all His blessings and guidance,” the EBC President said.


According to the Rotary Club of Manila, the Pro Patria Journalism Awards 2021 is also “in celebration” of the country’s Independence Day.

The award recognizes selected print, broadcasting and radio who have exhibited the “commitment to valuable resources for the protection of free expression and its resilience in disseminating fair and truthful information resulting in an informed and enlightened citizenry.”

“By its fearless and selfless use of its platform and facilities for constructive criticisms of government policies and actions and encouraging and confident scrutiny of private enterprise and by promoting private and public sector collaboration in building a strong nation of healthy, peaceful, confident and dynamic people all for the love of country,” the award stated.

“Love of country pervades as media finds its lofty place towards a united nation in the face of the global pandemic, the PRO PATRIA JOURNALISM AWARDS 2021 of the Rotary Club of Manila, the First in Asia,” the Rotary Club of Manila said in giving the awards.

(Eagle News Service)