Eagle Broadcasting Corporation now an accredited media outfit in US

By Eliza Gonzales Manglicmot

WASHINGTON, United States (Eagle News), October 31, 2016— The Eagle has landed in the heart of the free world.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), mother company of the Philippines’ Net 25, Radyo Agila, and Eaglenews.ph, is now a duly registered and accredited media corporation in the District of Columbia. This supports EBC’s expansion strategy to deliver news and information from the seat of political power in the United States, the nation’s capital.

The non-profit news organization is tasked to air US-produced shows tackling current events, lifestyle, and entertainment, bringing its service team to major cities across America.

EBC reporters in the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New York, Nevada and California have the D.C. office, three and a half miles from the White House, as official hub for all nationwide correspondence.

Washington D.C. is home to three branches of the US federal government: the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. The EBC US headquarters at 4125 16th Street NW is in the neighborhood of more than 175 foreign embassies and diplomatic missions.

As the latest addition to media outfits operating in America, EBC likewise commits to broadcasting stories pertinent to the international community and of global significance.

Eagle News D.C. anchors Sarah Nacman and Ace Ramirez
Lifestyle correspondents Lynn Pence and Kristine Mariano
EBC Washington D.C. studio
Production staff of the EBC D.C. office
Covering the EVM Awards, first Fil-Am Christian indie film awards in North America
EBC D.C.’s Aldous Acuesta, with award-winning screenwriter Ricky Lee of Philippine cinema at the International Film Festival Manhattan