DOT Prepares for 2015 “Visit the Philippines” year

The Department of Tourism had just announced that 2015 will be “Visit the Philippines” year. DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez, Jr. said that they have been preparing for the conferences for eco-tourism since early this year, coinciding with the APEC Ministereal Meetings and Leaders’ Summit. More than 2 million international tourist have visited the country from January until June this year.  The DOT is expecting the number to double by year- end.  More than half of the tourists came from from neighboring Asian countries (58.7%) , 19.28% of the tourists from the United States, and 10.64% from Europe based on the research made by Department of Tourism in June. By year 2015, DOT will put focus on Filipino culture, stimulating even the smallest creative industries in regions, and promote heritage sustainability, and the country’s national treasures among others. Philippine Handicrafts will also be highlighted, as an example of the proper use of natural resources.  The Philippines is after all is not only rich in culture but in natural resouces as well, and the proper utilization of these precious resources will be good for both human resource and for maintaining beautiful sceneries in the archipelago.