DOJ: 222 PDLs, 48 personnel in BuCor facilities confirmed infected with COVID-19 virus

(Eagle News)–Over 200, or 222, persons deprived of liberty have been infected with the COVID-19 virus, the Department of Justice said on Thursday, June 4.

According to Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete, apart from the infected PDLs based on a report from the Bureau of Corrections as of June 2, 48 Bucor personnel  tested positive for the virus.

Perete said of the penal farms and colonies managed by the BuCor, the New Bilibid Prison has  the most number of confirmed cases of Covid-19, with 140 PDLs and 30 personnel infected.

The Correctional Institution for Women, meanwhile, has 82 PDLs and seven members of its personnel were confirmed infected, Perete said.

He said 11 Bucor personnel from the national headquarters also tested positive.

The rest of the other penal farms and colonies under BuCor have no reported cases of infection.

Of the total number of COVID-19 PDL cases, Perete said  ten have died while 31 have recovered.

Of the total BuCor personnel infected with the virus, four have recovered.

In a related development, Perete said the DOJ turned over 1400 rapid test kits to the BuCor last Monday to be used for the testing of PDLs.

“The European Union under the GoJust Program is set to procure around five thousand more rapid test kits in the coming weeks,” he said.