DOH notes 82 percent increase in Covid cases from June 13 to 19, compared to previous week

Covid cases on the rise but hospital bed occupancy remains low, says OCTA

Data from the Department of Health (DOH) showing the number of new cases reported from June 13 to 19, 2022 (Courtesy DOH)

(Eagle News) – The Department of Health noted an 82 percent increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the country in the period of June 13 to 19, compared to the previous week of June 6 to 12.

In data that the DOH had recently released, the new cases from June 13 to 19 reached 3,051, with the daily average number of cases hitting 436.

The ICU bed utilization rate was however lower as of June 19, at 14.6 percent. Compare to this to the data last week, particularly as of June 12, which is at 16.6 percent. Upon analysis, however, of the data, there were more ICU beds set aside for COVID as of June 19 at 2,636 compared to the total ICU beds as of June 12 at 2,078.

As of June 19, Sunday, 385 of the 2,636 ICU beds have been utilized, whereas 345 out of the 2,078 allocated ICU beds were occupied as of June 12.

As of Sunday, June 19, there were also 554 severe and critical admissions. The number of severe and critical admissions as of June 12 were 498. The percentage of severe and critical admissions this past week was, however, slightly lower at 10.2 percent compared to total Covid-19 admissions. This was because there were more new cases the past week at 3,051.

Covid019 data as of June 19, 2022 (Courtesy DOH)
Covid 19 data as of June 12, 2022 (Courtesy DOH)

OCTA Research’s Dr. Guido David, also noted an increase in the seven-day moving average of Covid-19 cases in Metro Manila. The seven-day average for the period from June 14 to 20 was 225, as compared to 131 seven-day average the previous week.

He also noted a “growth rate of 72 percent.”

The positivity rate also rose to 4 percent as of June 20, compared to the 3.7 percent positivity rate in Metro Manila as of June 17.

-OCTA sees no escalation of alert level as of now-

However, Dr. David said that the Covid-19 hospital occupancy remained low at 22 percent.

“Forecasts show hospital bed occupancy will remain manageable and no escalation of alert levels at this time,” Dr. Guido David said in a tweet after analyzing the latest data on Covid-19.

In terms of new cases, as of June 20, the DOH reported 529 new Covid cases nationwide. There were no deaths reported, and there were also at least 318 recoveries.

In Metro Manila, there were 279 new cases reported, with Quezon City reporting at least 59, followed by Makati and Manila with 36 cases each on June 20.

This data was lower compared to the new cases reported on June 19 at 612 nationwide, with Metro Manila accounting for 293 new cases. Quezon City was also the top city in Metro Manila with the most number of new cases reported on June 19, at 71, followed by Makati City at 41, and Paranaque City at 33.

As of June 20, after Metro Manila, the provinces of Cavite, Laguna, Rizal and Iloilo comprise the top five areas with new Covid cases.  Pampanga, Bulacan, Cebu, Bataan and Batangas were the next five provinces with most new Covid cases.

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