DFA reports 10 more COVID-19 recoveries among overseas Filipinos

(Eagle News) — Ten more Filipinos abroad have recovered from COVID-19.

The Department of Foreign Affairs said with the additional recoveries, the COVID-19 recovery total among overseas Filipinos rose to 8627.

Three additional COVID-19 cases pushed the total to 13543.

No additional COVID-19 deaths were reported among overseas Filipinos abroad, which means the death toll remains at 935.

“Compared to last week’s percentages, the total number of COVID-19 recoveries and fatalities decreased to 63.70% and 6.90%, respectively. Meanwhile, those under treatment increased to 29.40%.,” the department said.

The DFA said the Middle East and Africa are still the regions with the most COVID-19 cases, recoveries and deaths among overseas Filipinos, with 7836, 4691, and 602, respectively.

The Americas have the least COVID-19 cases and recoveries, with 806 and 533, respectively.

The Asia Pacific region has the least COVID-19 deaths among Filipinos abroad, with 21.