DFA: 82 more Filipinos abroad test positive for COVID-19

(Eagle News) — Eighty-two more COVID-19 cases have been reported among overseas Filipinos.

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the additional cases pushed the total cases among detected Filipinos abroad to 24373.

“To date, the total number of countries and territories with confirmed cases is at 104 following a new report from a country in the Americas,” the department said.

Four more recoveries also pushed the COVID-19 recovery total to 14441.

COVID-19 deaths among overseas Filipinos are at 1458, with the addition of four deaths.

According to the DFA, the Middle East and Africa are still the regions with the most COVID-19 cases and deaths among Filipinos abroad, at 13179 and 929, respectively.

The region also has the most recoveries, at 6677.

“The DFA, together with its Foreign Service Posts, remains fully committed to monitoring and assisting our nationals abroad amidst the ongoing fight against the pandemic and its new variants,” the DFA said.