Depressed and suicidal? Fighting the feeling, Guerrero style

Executives of EBC and EBC Films are joined by key members of the cast during the special advance screening of GUERRERO DOS, Tuloy ang Laban for members of the media at the INC Museum Theater.

By CAESAR VALLEJOS, Open for Business

“Galit sa mundo.”

That could be one of the feelings of Filipinos, over 3 million of them, who suffer from depression.  According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die each year due to suicide.

What is more alarming is that suicide cases and students with mental illnesses have “risen drastically in the last two years with at least one suicide referral made each day.”

“There remains to be a stigma surrounding mental issues that is why it is not talked about as frequently and as openly as possible.  But we have to raise awareness about depression and suicide for us to see the signs and help those involved.  They could be our parents, friends, siblings and loved ones. Film is an important medium to amplify the issues,” Robert Capistrano of EBC Films said.

EBC Films, the film arm of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) is presenting ‘Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban’, an inspirational movie that deals with coping with life and fighting one’s struggles.

In the movie, key characters experienced loneliness leading to depression and suicide attempt.  “Life is the story.  It is beautiful and a cast of characters work to celebrate why life must continue and create another story,” Capistrano said.

During her welcome remarks prior to the special advance screening for the members of the media at the INC Museum Theater, EBC President Rowena dela Fuente Deimoy said, “film, as we all know, is a very powerful medium that has a very significant impact to societies around the world.  And thus, EBC Films was created to convey key messages to educate and remind our people of the values that we treasure, to make a difference.”

EBC President
EBC President Rowena dela Fuente-Deimoy

She added. “EBC Films has been developing home-grown talents and the movies that it has been producing are promoting universal values and messages of hope, love and faith, without sacrificing commercial and entertainment value.”

“We are glad that these efforts are recognized.  Just recently, the first Guerrero film won The Best Screenplay Award at the 9th International Film Festival Manhattan in New York, USA,” the EBC President announced.

Members of the press who previewed it earlier hailed ‘Guerrero Dos’ as a timely and relevant movie.  “Suicide seems to be highly contagious as a mode of self-annihilation.  Maiging ekstensibong natalakay ito ng pelikula,” a guest mentioned to the film’s director Carlo Cuevas.

While it is an inspirational story, Cuevas’s style is entertaining .  Referring to the values embedded in Guerrero Dos, Cuevas said “hindi lahat ay sa akin galing, lahat ng lines sa lahat ng eksena ay itinuro din sa amin. Ako bilang Iglesia Ni Cristo, gusto ko pong i-share yung values na yun, without being preachy.”

“Madalas sa mga kabataan ngayon, nagiging astig ka kapag mali ang ginagawa mo,” he said.  He explained that some express their coolness in doing immoral, unethical or unacceptable behavior.

With EBC Films,”what is right is cool.  Kung ano ang tama, yun ang astig,” Cuevas said.

Cuevas wanted to share lessons in life while the audience remains to be entertained.

Cast of GUERRERO DOS and Director Carlo Cuevas respond to questions from the members of the entertainment press.

A member of the press who watched the movie agreed with Cuevas.  He said, “  Okay nga yung subtlety in the teaching aspect of a religion.  What I have seen are life lessons.  What I have seen is a heart-warming story presented in a very artistic way.  Most of all, what I’ve witnessed is inspiration.  A sweet nudge, a gentle push so I may, with vigor now, continue to live, and make a really meaningful life.”

Peter Remate, another member of the press present at the media preview said, “For me, this is the best inspirational movie na napanood namin.  Sa tagal ko na sa showbiz, simula pa noong 1986, mga malalaking movie outfit tinalo niyo.  Napakahusay, ang galing ng pagka-direct, ang artista, ang huhusay, parang mga beterano.”

However, the most poignant comment shared to director  Cuevas was this:  “Malaking utang na loob talaga na inimbitahan mo akong manood ng pelikula mo.  Sa totoo lang, desperado na ako sa buhay. Ayoko na sana.  Pero sa pelikula mo, may siwang na kinakitaan ko ng pag-asa.”

Find out why GUERERRO DOS is probably the best inspirational movie and join our advocacy against depression and suicide.

GUERERRO DOS stars PMPC Star Awards 2017 Best Child Actor Julio Sabenorio, veteran actor Art de Guzman, newcomer Mia Suarez with a cameo role by Victor Neri. GUERERRO DOS will be showing in theaters starting November 2019.