Damas Latinas holds its Annual Charity Ball

By Errah Jean Crusim
Eagle News Service


(Eagle News) — Helping others is not only a responsibility of an influential leader but is a natural habit of a caring and responsible individual.

Each day, there is an opportunity to educate someone. This is the main reason why Damas Latinas grabs every chance it can get to help the less fortunate.

Club de Damas Latinas (Latin American Women’s Club) in the Philippines is a nonstock, nonprofit organization centered on enlisting the support of those who can provide assistance to local people in need, especially children who do not have access to education, health services or a safe environment.

“Our goal is giving with love. It doesn’t matter how much you get but it is the amount of love you put in,” emphasized Lissette Romero, Treasurer of Damas Latinas during the Charity Ball held at Fairmont Hotel Makati,

With the theme “Giving with Love”, members of Damas Latinas organized its Annual Charity Ball and Silent Auction for the benefit of Holy Family Home and Eugenia Ravasco Day Care Center, the institution’s prime beneficiaries. This is to help local kids get the care, protection, and rehabilitation to mold them into socially functioning individuals.

Helping others isn’t always easy but Miss Romero stressed, “You can change the life of one person by just buying him a meal. You can change the life of a kid just by providing him education. You can change the life of a family just by giving them a basket of fruits. All these we try to do and we do that with the help of our sponsors.”

The club is confident that their generosity will help them in their aim to at least double the funds raised to achieve their goals, and help can be extended to the foundation.

With this year’s sponsors, and the attendance of prominent members of Philippine society and the Diplomatic Community, the foundation is confident it can meet its objectives. The recent activity also further strengthened the bonds of friendship and relations among their various nations.

Pamela Bahre Ebensperger, a member and a sponsor of Damas Latinas, noted that, “It’s not like we’re so noble because we come. No. It’s not about that. We can do something different and we have the power to make all these happen — for everybody to feel good, donate more money and do something that fulfills us deep in our hearts.”

Finding out what’s actually valuable to someone is one rule in helping others.
Damas Latinas believes that it is better to give than to receive, and that everyone can contribute in different ways.

No matter how small or big it is, without a doubt, anyone can make a difference.