Cyber attack of NoKor is not an Act of War – Obama

United States President Barack Obama said that the massive hacking of Sony Pictures was “not an act of war” on North Korea which it suspected for hacking the controversial movie, “The Interview.”

For several years now, North Korea has been on the radar of the U.S. long been on the wrong side of the United States.  Whatever tension there was between the two has just become more severe. The recent massive hacking of movie giant, Sony Pictures, has caught the attention of americans with some even being concerned about the security of the country. Knowing this, President Barrack Obama made a move in hopes of preventing the anger of America towards North Korea from spiraling out of control. According to Reuters, President Barrack Obama said on Sunday, “the massive hacking of Sony Pictures was not an act of war, instead was cyber-vandalism.”

The cyber assault on Sony Pictures revolves around the comedy movie, “The Interview” which was supposed to be released this month. Before its release date though, Sony Pictures was hacked and threats were received, eventually causing the company to decide to delay its release. The plot centers around two characters who are part of a tabloid show and their interview with one of the show’s fans from Pyongyang, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Along the way, the two main characters are recruited by the CIA and given the mission to assassinate the leader.

The United States’ longstanding dispute with North Korea has usually been over their development of nuclear weapons, but now it enters a new realm with the accusation that Pyongyang was behind the massive hacking. The FBI concluded on friday that Pyongyang was responsible for the invasion of Sony Pictures, but North Korea denies that they are to blame. With all of this information in their hands, Obama and his advisers are now deciding which punishment will be suitable since it will be treated as an act of crime.