Customs bureau “intercepts” undeclared 20k Ivermectin tablets, other undeclared regulated drugs


(Eagle News) — The Bureau of Customs has “intercepted” some 20,000 capsules of Ivermectin which were “not declared” in a shipment brought into the country at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. (NAIA).

The undeclared Ivermectin capsules as well as other “undeclared regulated drugs” were in a shipment imported by Finstad Inc., from New Delhi, India.  They were declared as “Food Supplements, Multivitamins and Multi-Mineral Capsules”, the BOC said on Thursday, May 6.

According to the BOC, the Ivermectin capsules were “reportedly concealed in the inner portion of the subject shipment and covered by other declared regulated items after subjection of the shipment to 100% physical examination by BOC NAIA.”

-Ivermectin under “compassionate use in specialized institutions” says FDA-

Upon coordination with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), however, Director Jesusa Joyce N. Cirunay of the Center for Drug Regulation and Research, told the BOC that the drug Ivermectin “is under compassionate use in Specialized Institutions authorized by FDA through the issuance of Compassionate Special permit (CSP).”

“In case Ivermectin has been granted authorization, a valid License to Operate (LTO) as Drug Importer and Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) or Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) shall be presented,” she added.

-Expediting release-

The BOC at NAIA, however, said that they would remain “committed to expedite the processing and release of Covid-19 vaccines, drugs and other medical supplies” in conformance with the directive of Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero.

But, the BOC said, it “will also be vigilant and further strengthen border security and protection efforts to curb all smuggling attempts to import unregistered, undeclared goods and/or misdeclared goods without the necessary clearance and permits from FDA.”

(Eagle News Service)