COVID-19 recoveries among overseas Filipinos rise to 2212

Number of COVID-19 cases among Filipinos overseas stands at 5361, DFA says

Recoveries from COVID-19 rose to 2212 among overseas Filipinos, the DFA has reported./DFA/

(Eagle News)–The number of overseas Filipinos who recovered from the coronavirus disease 2019 has risen to 2212, the Department of Foreign Affairs reported.

According to the DFA, the number of overseas Filipino COVID19 cases now stands at 5361, with the addition of six new cases in the Asia and the Pacific region, and Europe.

The DFA said  361 deaths have so far been recorded, including the  four new deaths recorded in the Middle East.

The DFA said 49 countries and regions have reported Filipino COVID19 cases, with the Middle East reporting the most cases, at 3346.