COVID-19 deaths worldwide breach 950,500, as global cases top 30.4 million

Screengrab of Johns Hopkins University virus dashboard as of Saturday, Sept. 19, 2020, at 12:22 p.m. (PST)/Courtesy Johns Hopkins University


(Eagle News) – The COVID-19 death toll worldwide reached 950,500 on Saturday, Sept. 19, as fatalities continue to rise while scientists in various countries race to find a cure and a vaccine for the virus.

As of Saturday noon, Sept. 19 (Philippine time), more than 30.4 million confirmed virus cases were recorded across the globe, or 30,406,197 cases to be exact, with the United States still leading countries with the most COVID cases and COVID related deaths.

The latest statistics of Johns Hopkins University virus dashboard as of past 12 noon, Saturday, showed the number of deaths globally due to the virus at 950,520

US deaths due to the virus reached were 198,570, and might breach the 200,000 mark within the day. Its confirmed COVID-19 cases topped 6.7 million, or 6,723,933 to be exact.

People hold a banner as they protest against the “unsafe and inequitable” reopening of schools amid the coronavirus pandemic at Washington Square Park on September 18, 2020 in New York City. (Photo by Angela Weiss / AFP)

After US, India followed with more than 5.2 million cases (5,214,677 cases); then Brazil with 4,495,183 cases; Russia with 1,086,955 cases; Colombia with 750,471 cases; Peru with 750,098 cases;; Mexico with 688,954 cases; South Africa with 657,627 cases; Spain with 640,040 cases; and Argentina with 613,658 cases completing the top 10 countries with the most cases.

In terms of COVID-19 deaths; US still leads with 198,570 deaths followed by Brazil with135,793 deaths; India with 84,372 deaths; Mexico with 72,803 deaths; United Kingdom with 41,821 deaths; Italy with 35,668 deaths; France with 31,257 deaths; Peru with 31,146 deaths; Spain with 30,495 deaths; and Iran with 23,952 deaths completing the top 10 countries with the most coronavirus-related deaths.

Several countries have reimposed lockdowns including Spain and Israel with the United Kingdown threatening to impose another nationwide lockdown as it saw a second wave of the pandemic.

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