COVID-19 cases in PHL reach 31,825 as DOH adds record number of 1,150 cases

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) — Total COVID-19 cases in the Philippines reached 31,825 after a record number of 1,150 cases were added today, Tuesday, June 23, according to the Department of Health.

Fresh cases, or those with test results released within the last three days, reached a record-high of 789 cases. Late cases – or those with test results released to patients more than four days ago — reached 361.

This was the latest as of 4 p.m. today.

Most of the fresh cases came from Central Visayas (288) and Metro Manila (207), while various regions contributed to the remaining cases. The DOH, however, did not name what regions these were.

Of the 361 late cases, 110 came from Metro Manila, while 32 came from Central Visayas.  The 219 others were from the other regions which the DOH did not identify.

COVID-19 recoveries added today also increased to 299, up from yesterday’s (June 22) 250 recoveries.  Total virus recoveries reached 8,442.

There were also nine COVID-19 deaths added today, bringing the total to 1,186.

(Eagle News Service)