Trump fires national security chief Bolton

  WASHINGTON, DC (AFP) — President Donald Trump on Tuesday announced the firing of his hawkish national security advisor John Bolton, saying he disagreed “strongly” with his positions, in the latest upheaval for US foreign policy. “I asked John for his resignation, which was given to me this morning,” Trump announced on Twitter, saying he would name a replacement next week. Bolton, who had been due to give a press conference at the White House […]

Hong Kong airport protesters retreat, but city in turmoil

by Jerome TAYLOR / Catherine LAI Agence France-Presse HONG KONG, China (AFP) — Pro-democracy protesters retreated from Hong Kong’s airport on Wednesday following two days of hugely disruptive rallies that turned violent and plunged the global financial hub further into turmoil. The protests ended early Wednesday morning following a series of clashes in which a policeman drew his gun after being beaten by demonstrators and other officers fired pepper spray. The rallies paralysed one of […]

Pence says US to press religious freedom in North Korea

  WASHINGTON, D.C. (AFP) — Vice President Mike Pence vowed Thursday to press North Korea to respect freedom of religion, despite the narrow US focus on denuclearization in high-profile summits. Pence made the pledge to a high-level State Department conference on religious freedom, which came weeks after President Donald Trump met North Korean leader Kim Jong Un for the third time and agreed to jumpstart working-level negotiations. “You can be confident, as President Trump continues […]

Trump can’t block Twitter critics, appeals court affirms

  WASHINGTON, D.C. (AFP) — A federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that US President Donald Trump cannot legally block users on Twitter based on their political differences with him, affirming a lower court decision. The three-judge panel agreed with last year’s ruling by a federal judge that Trump was using “viewpoint discrimination” in violation of the constitutional rights of people with opposing views. The court sidestepped the question of the president’s free speech rights under […]

UN decries Venezuela ‘executions’, urges dissolution of special forces

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — The UN rights chief warned Thursday that many of the thousands killed in Venezuela security operations since 2018 likely constituted “executions”, and urged Caracas to dissolve its special police force. UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, who visited Venezuela last month, pointed out in a fresh report that thousands of people, mostly young men, had been killed in alleged confrontations with state forces in the country in recent years. […]

#EBCphotojournalism: Philippines sends garbage back to Canada

    BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada (Eagle News) — The Philippines returned tons of garbage left in its ports years ago by Canada. The trash which caused tensions between the two countries entered the Deltaport container terminal in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada on the cargo ship Anna Maersk. According to Canadian officials, the trash will be incinerated by a local waste-to-energy facility putting an end to the controversial garbage that even incited Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte […]

Iran’s Zarif rejects Trump idea of short war as ‘illusion’

TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday warned that US President Donald Trump was mistaken in thinking a war between their countries would not last long. “‘Short war’ with Iran is an illusion,” Zarif tweeted a day after Trump said he does not want a war with Iran but warned that if fighting did break out, it “wouldn’t last very long”. The foreign minister also tweeted: “Whoever begins war will not […]

‘World is watching’ Hong Kong protests, Biden warns China

WASHINGTON DC (AFP) — Top Democratic US presidential contender Joe Biden expressed support Friday for protesters engaged in Hong Kong’s deepest political unrest in two decades, warning China that “the world is watching.” The international finance hub was rocked this week by the worst political violence since its 1997 handover to Beijing, with the semi-autonomous island’s embattled leader facing mounting pressure to abandon a deeply unpopular plan to allow extraditions to China. “The extraordinary bravery […]

Special election in Connecticut yields gains for both political parties

By Cassandra Gamboa EBC New York Bureau CONNECTICUT (Eagle News) — Just months after Democrats gained control of both legislative chambers and Connecticut govern ship, special elections took place in five districts to replace legislators pulled into the executive branch as part of Governor Ned Lamont’s (D-CT) transition team. Three state Senate seats and two House of Representative seats were in need of new representation after lawmakers resigned to work in the newly elected governor’s […]

Britain’s ‘zombie PM’ May staggers into battle

by James PHEBY Agence France Presse LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — British Prime Minister Theresa May heads into her latest Brexit battle on Tuesday weakened but still determined to get her legacy-defining deal through parliament, as MPs wrestle to take control of the process. To her supporters, May is a model of resilience, but to her critics she is an inflexible leader oblivious to the changing circumstances around her. She has suffered the ignominy of […]

Decision time as British MPs vote on Brexit deal

by Alice RITCHIE Agence France Presse LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — The British parliament holds a historic vote Tuesday on the Brexit deal agreed with the EU and all sides are bracing for turmoil when the text is almost certainly rejected. With just over two months to go until the scheduled Brexit date of March 29, a bitterly divided Britain is in limbo and the world is on tenterhooks about what will happen next. Few […]

Mexico probes state oil company’s ex-security chief for fuel theft

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who is waging a major crack-down on fuel theft, announced Tuesday an investigation into the former security chief of state oil company Pemex. Army general Eduardo Leon Trauwitz, the man who was charged with fighting the large-scale tapping of Pemex’s pipelines by Mexican gangs, is under investigation for involvement in the multi-billion-dollar criminal industry he was supposed to fight. “He’s on a list of people […]