Opinion: Knightfall Protocol

OPINION: The day the Earth stood still

  By Dr. Ma. Angela Leonor Aguinaldo Contributor/columnist   I lost a close relative to Covid-19 this past week. It was unexpected. His family thought that he would make it but he did not.  Sadly, this occurrence is not anything new.  There is this stark reality that even with a sliver of hope, Covid-19 hits us where it hurts the most.  Indeed, the news of my relative came along with other posts from close friends, […]

OPINION: Inequity and inequality in the time of Covid-19

By Dr. Ma. Angela Leonor Aguinaldo Contributor/ columnist   A few days ago the BBC made a startling revelation about the earnest efforts of developed nations such as the UK, US, and the European Union to block vaccine plans for developing countries.  As reported, although these richer nations are posturing themselves to be at the forefront of pushing for global solutions to the worldwide pandemic, in truth there is a conscious and massive effort to […]

OPINION: Did the ASEAN enable the Myanmar situation?

By Dr. Ma. Angela Leonor Aguinaldo Contributor/columnist   The military officials in Myanmar remain unperturbed.  Despite the local demonstrations against the military coup, the pleas from its neighboring countries, as well as the international response and  impending sanctions from countries and regional organizations such as the United States and the European Union for the numerous violations of human rights, the end to the military coup in Myanmar remains out of sight.  Instead, the Myanmar military […]

Welcome to the Knightfall Protocol: Into the Light

  By Dr. Ma. Angela Leonor Aguinaldo Welcome to the Knightfall Protocol. It took a few months before I finally decided to launch this blog after being offered to contribute to the EBC (Eagle Broadcasting Corporation) website. The eagerness to help was there but I had my personal misgivings on whether I had the qualification to write on issues and events that matter around the world.  I had qualms on whether anyone would be interested […]