Storm “Basyang” makes 8 landfalls in Visayas

MANILA, Feb. 1 (PNA) — Tropical storm “Basyang” (Kajiki) has maintained its strength and speed as it continues to make landfall over the islands of Visayas, the state weather bureau said on Saturday. In an interview, PAGASA weather forecaster Fernando Cada said tropical storm Basyang has a total of eight landfalls after making five landfalls Friday night. He said that around 12:30 a.m. Basyang made a landfall at the City of Naga in Cebu then […]

Surigao Issues Forced Evacuation

Though many provinces in Mindanao are still recovering from “Agaton”, many are now preparing for the coming of “Basyang” with Surigao issuing an advisory for forced evacuation in high-risk areas.