Man flies around Statue of Liberty in jetpack

Australian entrepreneur David Mayman was the first person to fly around New York’s Statue of Liberty in a jetpack, a recent video shows. Mayman’s JetPack Aviation, which claims to have invented the world’s only true jetpack, released a video on YouTube showing him flying around the New York landmark. According to its website the JB-10 can reach altitudes of up to 10,000 feet (3,048 meters) and speeds of 100 mph (160 kmh) while staying airborne […]

Brazil changes tack on renewable energy sources

Brazil made a bold pledge before the United Nations General Assembly in September, promising to slash green house emissions by 43 percent by 2030 through a concerted effort to expand renewable energy sources. The ambitious proposal was announced as nations throughout the world put forward their plans to tackle climate change ahead of the UN COP-21 conference late November, where the Paris Agreement will be drawn up to replace the expired Kyoto Protocol. Brazilian President […]

Finnish Company launches pocket PC

  Finnish company says it wants to change the computer world with this portable computing device. Described as the world’s smallest general purpose PC, Solu is aiming to take on industry giants’ Apple and Microsoft. Their pocket-sized device, around 10cm squared and encased in wood, can be used standalone — or connected to a screen and keyboard. Solu may be small, but its makers say it packs a powerful punch. Kristoffer Lawson, Solu CEO said […]

South Korea’s growing love of cheese

South Koreans, who traditionally eat most meals with a generous dollop of the fiery local side dish kimchi, are gaining a growing taste for another imported fermented food: cheese. While Japan is by far the biggest consumer of cheese in Asia, neighbouring South Korea is one of the fastest-growing markets. The United States supplied 53 percent of South Korea’s cheese imports in the first nine months of this year, New Zealand with 13 percent, and […]

World Bank: Climate change could drive 100 million people into poverty

The World Bank warned in a report on Sunday that climate change could drive 100 million people into extreme poverty in just 15 years. The report, titled “Shock Waves: Managing the impacts of Climate Change on poverty,” says that increased natural disasters, disruptions in food supplies and the spread of diseases could send the global poverty rate into overdrive by just 2030. The report finds that poor people are already at high risk from climate-related […]

Tackling plastic pollution with mealworms

Mealworms can help save the planet. It turns out the insects are able to naturally biodegrade Styrofoam that would have otherwise sit in a landfill for more than a million years. Researchers from Beijing and California have found that tackling the ever growing problem of plastic pollution may be as easy as feeding worms. “Our study found that actually mealworms eat Styrofoam and they digest Styrofoam in their gut,” said co-author of the study Wei-Min […]

Largest painting of cats in the world

The world’s largest painting of cats was sold in Sotheby’s in New York for the price of $800, 000. It was entitled “My Wife’s Lovers”, the painting features more than 40 cats. (Eagle News Service Described by Jay Paul Carlos, Video Editing by Jericho Morales, Uploaded by MRFaith Bonalos)

Taiwanese artist builds car using 25,000 mobile phones

New York- and Japan-based Taiwanese artist Lin Shih-Pao has spent the past four months working on an unusual project — a life-size car made out of 25,000 mobile phones. The project, he says, is intended to spread environmental awareness. The car was unveiled at Lin’s former high school in new Taipei city just in time for the annual school concert. Students inspected the work and marveled at the color scheme. Some even participated in creating […]

In rare appearance, Larry Page discusses new alphabet structure

In a rare public appearance, Google co-founder and Alphabet Inc. CEO Larry Page on Monday (November 2) explained why he was spurred to create a whole new structure for the company he created with Sergey Brin almost two decades ago. Page said the new company would operate a little bit like a venture capital firm, a little bit like Berkshire Hathaway Inc., the conglomerate controlled by billionaire investor Warren Buffett, whom page admires. At Monday’s […]

A wireless device to stop snoring

A new wireless device that is designed to keep snoring in check could have health benefits and keep relationships happy, according to its developers. The device works like this, a bedside monitor listens for snores. When the snores get loud enough, the monitor wirelessly activates a mini pump that slowly inflates a mat that his placed underneath the pillow. This in turn moves the pillow just enough to stimulate the airway muscles and quiet down […]