Skeletal horse sculpture unveiled at Trafalgar Square’s fourth plinth

A giant, skeletal, riderless, horse created by the German-American artist Hans Haacke has been installed on the fourth plinth at London’s Trafalgar Square on Thursday (March 5). Unveiled by the city’s mayor, Boris Johnson, “Gift Horse” was inspired by the equestrian statue of William IV, for which the plinth was originally intended. The horse sculpture is fitted with an electronic ribbon which displays a live ticker of the London Stock Exchange, asserting the place’s significance […]

Korean steel plant turns cow dung into green energy

A steel plant in South Korea has managed to improve energy efficiency and lower fuel cost by turning cow dung into a source of green energy to power its production. Cow dung, traditionally used as a fertilizer, is now being collected and used to produce biofuel that is greener and more efficient than traditional fuels like coal. Seoul-based Hyundai Steel has developed a new method to use cow dung as an auxiliary fuel for steel […]

Cheery room service robot surprises guest

A hotel guest in Newark, California, was given room service with a difference on Wednesday (March 4) when a robot came to his room. Scott Sigrist opened his door, at the Aloft Silicon Valley Hotel, to find a cheery robot delivering him toothpaste and a fresh towel before making its way back to the lobby. Sigrist, who works for a storage company in Dallas, Texas, posted the video on social network and entertainment website Reddit […]

The world’s oldest living person celebrates her 117th birthday

The world’s officially recognized oldest person, Misao Ohkawa was feted her 117th birthday one day early in the western Japanese city of Osaka on Wednesday (March 4). Ohkawa was officially recognized by the Guinness World Records as the oldest person alive two years ago when Jiroemon Kimura – also of Japan – died in June 2013 at age 116 years, 54 days. On Wednesday, she appeared before local media with her 92-year old son and […]

Wearable gadgets revealed at Mobile World Congress

Dozens of device makers have unveiled wearable gadgets at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress this week. Downtrodden Taiwanese phone maker HTC is hoping a fitness device it is co-branding with Under Armour, the second-largest sport brand in the U.S., can help it grow again. Korea’s LG has produced a round watch, following the lead of Motorola, which has drawn favorable reviews for its more fashion-conscious alternative to the dozens of bulky, square smartwatches that dominated the […]

Robot dogs in Japan

In Japan, robot dogs have gained widespread popularity, with owners treating them as real pets, to the extent of giving them funeral services when they break down beyond repair.

Electric hydrofoiling watercraft delivers eco-friendly thrills

An electrically-powered watercraft that zips across the surface of the water on four hydrofoils is set to launch commercially in March 2015; hoping to bring cheap, eco-friendly water transport to the masses. The Slovenian-built Quadrofoil uses buoyancy force to lift it above the surface of the water when the boat is moving forward, where it then glides across the water on a wing-like hydrofoil structure on the hull. This results in a great reduction in […]